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SAbER Mountain Websites

SAbER Mountain provides authors, businesses, and individuals webistes that will Save you money, Simple to maintain, and Secure from the thousands of threats that exist in our world today.

SAbER Sites is a quick solution to get your website up and running and keep it going. We will have your website up and running in 48 hours once you decide to go with us. From there we will refine and help you optimize your site for the keywords you want.

Website Features

  •     WordPress Platform

We use the WordPress platform for easy user management.

  • Graphics and graphic design

   SAbER Mountain Design can help you create the header graphics and design that you may need to coordinate all of your work for a professional looking site.

  • Set Up for security

Have you been hacked lately?  Hackers are constantly practicing on what seem like insignificant websites.  If you do not set up your site to be secure, it can be compromised in a hurry.  From experience our sites are protected with the best security plugins on the market.

  •     Elegant Themes

With Google penalizing for non-mobile friendly web sites, we chose to use Elegant Themes, who are constantly updating their themes to work flawlessly with WordPress and be compliant with the latest website trends.

  •     SEO Optimized

SEO is important for marketing and searchability. We work with you to optimize your site for your niche.

  •     Linked to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media.

Your website is central to your social media platform.  It is part of your online presence.  All pieces must be interconnected.

  •     Instruction how to post and update it.

We teach you how to use your web site or handle it for you.  You involvement is important for all decisions regarding how you want your site to work.

  •     Yearly maintenance to keep it secure and up-to-date.

We work on your site continually, but charge you annually.  Our renewal pricing includes a monthly maintenance charge for updating the files, plugins, themes, IP blacklist, and other important information on your site.

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